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Appointing an Independent Director is an extremely wise decision.  The constant demand for companies to maintain peak performance puts more and more pressure on those at the top.  Once you’ve engaged a specialised executive on board you’ll be able to meet those needs and take necessary action with greater confidence. 

To ensure that skills and knowledge required for directors is up to date in this ever changing world, we are a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors.

Strategically aligning your organisation with others gives you wider scope and room to grow.  With added leadership qualities sitting with you around the table with hands on experience you’ll gain much more than you think. 

When should you think about appointing an Independent Director?

  • Do you need to tap into a larger network or need a few doors opened in your market place?  Beyond Theory has a massive network and can certainly open those doors and help you make beneficial connections
  • Does your business lack certain key skills or business acumen?  Beyond Theory has a broad set of operational and leaderships skills, as well as real-life practical experiences you can learn from and tap into 
  • Do you need a trusted sounding board you can bounce ideas off and get that straight up advice you want? Beyond Theory will always provide trusted advice and back it up with actual info that makes sense
  • Do you need drastic help creating a plan and sticking to it?  Independent Directors are there to help you implement the plan and hold you accountable too


It’s all about taking action and it can be achieved with an Independent Director.  


To find out more contact Beyond Theory today.