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Excellent procurement specialists need to show great technical and operational understanding but at the same time speak plain English and have the ability to carry out the full procurement process.  Beyond Theory can review your current situation and make improvement recommendations for immediate action. 

From developing a procurement plan right through to implementation, our reputation as a procurement specialist speaks for itself.

A successful procurement process includes the following stages:

  • Define the service/supplier and procurement planning
  • Understand and analyse specifications and performance
  • Service/supplier selection and award
  • Monitor performance and procurement management

With a “sixth sense” and seasoned professionalism around analysing financials and other business reports, Beyond Theory has assessment down to a fine art. You need someone on board who knows what to look for to give you those results you need. 

We will ensure you have the best equipment and systems by covering these core areas of procurement:

  • Tyres
  • Fuel
  • Machinery
  • Fleet
  • TMS
  • IT Systems and Software
  • Health & Safety systems
  • Other supply chain, logistics and manufacturing assets

Businesses small and large need to get the best quality gear and systems that they can afford to consistently drive greater efficiencies and profitability. 


With so many jobs on the “to-do” list let Beyond Theory help you identify priority areas for change and then assist you to plan and implement action that will give you the edge over your competitors.  


Contact Beyond Theory today to help you get the job done.